About Australian Data Industries

Australian Data Industries (ADI) Pty Ltd is a wholly owned and operated Australian company. Established in 1989, ADI excels in delivering quality, reliable and cost effective cabling solutions and products to satisfy any communication requirement. ADI operates primarily in South East Queensland, however can provide portable solutions with our MCRs (Mobile Communication Rooms) which are geographically limitless. ADI staff are licensed and qualified cabling technicians and electricians and are supported by a 20/20 Krone endorsed warranty which covers it's installations and equipment for 20 years. ADI has been in the industry for over 20 years and relies on it's ability to provide the very best professional services at all times. You can rely on ADI.

Our Mission

Australian Data Industries Pty Ltd will continue to excel at determining and satisfying the communication requirements of our clients efficiently, economically and reliably by exercising innovative design, best work practices and appropriate technology.