MCR - Mobile Communications Room

Requirement: Remote site communications room deployment
Solution: Mobile Communications Rooms or MCR
Situation: In the process of establishing and deploying networks for site applications the IT Project managers are faced with the following challenges;

  • Ensuring the reliability and integrity of the network in remote field
  • Delivery of timely and reliable WAN and cable infrastructure services in
    remote site offices
  • Infrastructure that is easily adaptable to site specific requirements with
    a minimum of inconvenience, cost and downtime
  • Structured costing that enables IT management to accurately budget
    for project requirements
  • Utmost benefit from infrastructure and conformation to company
    guidelines regarding the minimisation of waste and the maximizing of
    recycling opportunity.

Solution: Purpose built Mobile Communications Rooms or MCR

What is it: Essentially it is a communications room much the same as a communications room in a building except self contained in a sea container.
The MCR has its own

  • Power system
  • Airconditioning system
  • Wiring system
  • Insulation
  • Racking system

The sea container is the best option for enclosing this equipment and the transport industry is geared to transport the varying sizes of sea containers. The containers present ready made weather proof, are robust, secureable and capable of
withstanding extreme conditions. All containers come with lifting points that can be readily handled by cranes or forklifts.
The concept of the room is to provide a quality controlled Computer room in a remote and possibly hostile enviroment. This room needs to be dust free, sealed, cool and independent of the surrounding buildings. The fitted out container can be deployed without the need of support infrastructure and can be established prior to any offices being in place.
The MCR houses a professionally built communications room as functional as any corporate office with all of the necessary components including specialised power, air conditioning, racking, cabling, frames, patch panels and connection points.

Why do It

  • Many Applications
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Ensure Best Quality Device Operation
  • Convenient
  • Flexibility
  • Green
  • Save Costs


  • Mobile comms and or computer room wherever and whenever
  • New developments, mining sites, construction sites
  • Seasonal or roaming businesses
  • Event managements
  • Disaster recovery site
  • Back up room


  • The MCR is purpose prebuilt
  • Network and server equipment can be pre deployed within the room and configured prior to shipping minimising specialist IT site attendance and reducing labour costs.
  • Carriers and service providers have a connection point and there is no delay in the WAN connection as a result of incomplete buildings.
  • Partial cabling can be installed for users during the camp construction process enabling immediate Voice and Network connection.

A typical site deployment would be as follows:

  • Prepare mounting frame on remote site
  • Transport custom fitted out comms room to remote site
  • Locate room on frame
  • Connect power either generator or normal mains
  • Connect wan
  • Install switch router, install servers if required
  • Install wiring to outlets in other buildings.


  • The MCR is constructed in a controlled environment using quality materials and utilising superior workmanship not always available with field implementations.
  • Properly configured conditioned power cabling incorporating lightning and high voltage surge suppression protects all room equipment.
  • Mitsubishi 7kVA pit inverter air conditioning
  • Robust exterior
  • Clean dust free environment
  • Seamless communication cabling connection.
  • The power system is installed in a purpose built cavity system.
  • One device power circuits minimise the chances of a faulty device disabling the entire system


  • There is one connection point for power.
  • The unit can be powered by generator.
  • The unit is self contained so there is no dependency on other construction schedules.
  • The WAN can be installed and the network made operational thus allowing voice and data applications on site during construction.
  • Less delay from the WAN provider as there is a place to terminate their services with stable power and in air conditioned comport.


  • The MCR can be purpose built to meet individual needs.
  • Seamless communication cabling connection system which allows the addition and or removal of outlets without interruption to existing users on the system.
  • The MCR can be disconnected and relocated. The data system is designed with an intermediate connection system that enables the wiring plant to be disconnected without disturbing the main racking. Electrics are simply disconnected at the external junction box. Any equipment not bolted down within the container would be secured prior to relocation.Transport systems are standard equipped to ship and place containers locally, interstate or internationally.


  • The insulated properties of the room promote a very low heat signature assisting the effectiveness of the air-conditioning at minimal load.
  • To further reduce the room¡¦s carbon footprint, solar panels can be added easily to the single phase configuration supplementing power usage.
  • The MCR is recyclable because it is reusable in it¡¦s entirety, eliminating waste.
  • The MCR can easily be disconnected and relocated to another project or returned.


  • Your purpose built MCR can be purchased outright.
  • Hire rates are available for weekly or monthly periods.
  • Costing is setup for the convenience of the project:
    Costing based on the size of the unit as a monthly or weekly hire enabling the project to budget according to the project timelines.
    Costing per unit size and components.
    Costing per outlet.


The MCR is available in two sizes

Large - 6.06

6.06 meters long by 2.44 meters wide by 2.59 meters high


  • Connection for 200 users expandable to 350 users (LAN outlets)
  • Connection type is PBE (patch by exception)
  • Rack space 3 of 42 RU standard widths 2 side by side plus one stand alone
  • UPS Size 6 or 10 KVA
  • Air conditioner 7kw Mitsubishi split inverter
  • Power load 63 amp single phase

Medium - 2.99

2.99 meters long by 2.44 meters wide by 2.9 meters high


  • Connection for 96 users expandable to 115 users (LAN outlets)
  • Connection type is Patch panel
  • Note voice patching provided as well
  • Rack space 2 of 42 RU standard widths
  • UPS Size 3 or 6 KVA
  • Air conditioner 3kw a Mitsubishi split inverter
  • Power load 63 amp single phase

Additional ordering considerations for MCRs

  • Rack enclosures
  • Power rails
  • UPS equipment
  • Switches and network equipment
  • Servers and other equipment required in addition to the cabling plant.
  • All MCRs come standard with the following features
  • 75mm Ceiling insulation
  • 50mm wall insulation
  • 16mm sub mains
  • 63amp single phase load capacity switchboard
  • Lighting circuit
  • General power circuit
  • Air-conditioning circuit
  • False wall for wiring
  • In floor cable entry point
  • Lockable doors
  • General lighting
  • Protected earth for communications cabling


Large size MCR Connection type

  • Connection for 200 users can be expandable to 350 users (LAN outlets)
  • Connection type is PBE (patch by exception)
  • Red labelled frames are the system tails connected to the switch ports
  • Blue labelled frames are the floor outlets
  • Yellow labelled Modules are a provision for voice.
  • Note the small telephone frame for ancillary voice services such as ADSL fax and PSTN services.
  • Whole assembly is built on a false wall containing all cabling
  • Rack space 3 of 42 RU standard widths
  • Ups Size max power 10kVA Provision for either 10kVA or 6kVA
  • Air conditioner - 7kW Mitsubishi split inverter
  • Power load 63 amp single phase
  • Lightning and high voltage surge suppression module
  • Room dimension External 6 meters long by 2.44 meters by 2.59 meters high


Medium size MCR

  • Medium container
  • Showing rack with Access via main swing doors
  • Insulated panel internal and on doors
  • Connection system for field wiring in medium container
  • Termination point for earthing
  • Surge suppression module
  • Switchboard
  • Telecom connection

MCR Ordering, delivery and installation process

Possible site scenario:

The project manager hasa 200 user site in one building and needs to deploy to site IT infrastructure that will enable part of the site to be operational whilst the balance of the site offices are being constructed.
The IT room needs to be located as close as possible to the center of the office complex due to network limitations and the 90 meter run rule.


  1. Sizing determined for
    a. Power and UPS
    b. Number of racks and rack space
    c. Special Customer client requirements
    d. Switch quantity and placement
  2. Order placed for the MCR large unit

Construction and delivery process:

  1. Construction of room
  2. Site location and access scheduled for unit deployment includes base area preparation must be flat, recommend elevated and well drained
  3. Foundation design for unit as per height for under floor cable access
  4. Switches and racks supplied and fitted to room
  5. Servers supplied and fitted to room
  6. UPS supplied and fitted to room
  7. Unit deployed to site

On site servicing:

  1. Placed on base
  2. Power or temp generator connected
  3. Carrier services connected
  4. WAN powered switches configured and tested
  5. Offices built around Communications room
  6. Users can connect as soon as offices are ready for occupation
  7. Progressive connection until all of site completed